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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank You Allah...=)

Just wanna say Thank you Allah...=)
For granting my wish..
Really grateful..

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persiap said...


Kepada blogger just say, di sini ada beberapoa tips untuk anda ketika cuti ini sebagai persediaan untuk melangkah ke tahun klinikal. Moga bermanfaat.

In 3rd year, start with common diseases first.

For medicine posting : During your holiday now, try to make a detail short notes on physical examination. So that u can sharpen your technique. If have free time, ask your senior to bring u to the ward and ask them to teach physical examination.

FOr o&g : there is short notes on O&G. Download them in persiap blog (persiap.wordpress.com) di bahagian downloader sidebar kanan. Read them up.same with medicine, if have free time during holiday, ask ur senior to teach u how to examine O&g cases especially the obstetric.

For JKM, try to borrow ur senior notes on attachment to Hospital Daerah, Pjbt kesihatan daerah and klinik kesihatan as well as klinik desa. Learn the health-system in Malaysia through the notes so that u have basic knowledge before enter the JKM posting. and one more thing, dont ever leave out your statistic topic.

For surgery : mostly on GIT system and vascular system. Cannot give tips because u have to read the textbook.



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