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Thursday, April 16, 2009

looking at the moon

this poem is specially dedicated to my dear sister who is now studying in Manipal...
looking at the moon
within the dim light
lightening the world
while the sun is hiding its body
to give chance for the moon
brightening the bloody darkness

looking at the moon
it always there
covered by night cloud
as if it is whispering to me
i'm not alone
not always alone
since i have the moon
to share our loneliness

looking at the moon
it makes me near
very near to the GOD
who has created all these wonderful universal
thank to GOD
allowing me to indulge the beautiful night

looking at the moon
i hope she is looking at the same moon too
just want to let you know,sis
we are looking at the same moon
owh,i miss you
the moon really reminds me of you

looking at the moon
sun is replacing the moon now
the moon is still there
just a bit shy
let sun helps the moon
good bye moon,see you tonight
waiting for the moon
thanks for being my medium
to see the shadow of the night
to feel my sister's soul
you are always there
don't leave me..

my dear sis,
i really miss you..
looking at the moon
that reminds me of you..


miss AIN said...

mar,manipal ktne eh??

~terharu plak bace poem tuh..
ade bakat jdk poetry ney=))

marmasri said...

kat mangalore..klau x silapla..
hehe..nak mar wt poem utk ain?=p

miss AIN said...


ainmusa said...

NAAAKKK GAKKK!hehehe.terer la mar..ain langsung x reti.hehe

marmasri said...

alamak....mar kena pikir dulu nih nak wat poem utk kwn2 kesyanganku..huhu...

klau lmbt2 sket pun,xpe kn?hehe~

FaDhLi said...

buat untuk persiap la.. heheh..

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