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Monday, April 6, 2009

She Me We

She is my sister
and i am her little sister

we share maternal and paternal blood

we are sisters
even sometimes we may just look like a friend
yes,we are friends as well as sisters!

i call her kak ida
she calls me dyah sometimes adik

she likes black and white

i like blue,purple and white
she loves jae joong

i love yoo chun
she has an oval face

i have quite a chubby face
she likes reading English novels

i'm infrequently reading novels

0n 5th April 2009,

lingering together at Times Square and Plaza Low Yat

she wore green blouse putting on together her black jacket

matched with her light blue jean

carrying her white korean bag

i wore purple blouse matched with my dark blue jean

carrying my fluffy brown bag

both of us wore white shoes

owh,it's raining,sis!

i put out my pink umbrella

she put out her yellow umbrella

together we run,together we made our faster steps

over the wet land

Thank God..here we are

safely reached Times Square

both of us made our way towards restaurant
being so hungry

we chose Marrybrown

i ordered set of Combo burger

she ordered set of Combo meal(black papered chicken + fries)

both of us chose ice lemon tea

At Plaza Low Yat
shopping time!

surveying for my broadband

looking for headphones

finally,at 4th floor..

we found the shop

like what she said,`i'm sure,we'll find our headphones here!'

i finally pick a white headphones

she picked a black headphones

yea!!Starbucks' time!

we sat at one romantic corner

she ordered moccha blended

what a heavenly delicious moccha!

owh,it's time to return home!
already 10.00 pm

what a fast furious

we made our way to KL Sentral
next station,Kajang..'

finally,safely arrived in Kajang

our hometown..

thx so much for spending ur day with me :)
what a beautiful day..

have a nice day,sis!
good luck Dr Ida!

di Times Square..

kasut putih kami yg hot!




miss AIN said...

u r lucky,mar..=)

marmasri said...

ain,we are all lucky..:)
owh,ya...hepi holidays dear!
take care ya...^_^

miss AIN said...

yup,hepi holidays 2 mar!=)

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