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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i just love the sky! ^^

i just miss so much singapore!

even it's only a 7 days trip,but i'll never forget the beautiful moment there.

insyaAllah,if God's will,i'll be there again..wanna visit my beloved grandma,uncles,aunties n my beloved cousins..:)

and i just love sky~~
and i love to eat too!

owh...this is so tempting..yup,really delicious!
sup tulang,should be eat together with France bread.slurrp!
thumbs up to Aunty Non for her marvellous spaghetti!
thx Uncle Jani for treating us with mamak murtabak!
n so many other food! :))

this little girl...was so cute! i love kids! they are usually very sincere & natural during their posing in photography :)

hope i can spend my weekends for photography shoot...
the sky is just awesome n fascinating & really made my day..^^

anyone want to join me?

The Sky flyers..It's a must-ride-must-try! u can enjoy beautiful scenery just from the small bullet view..!!really amazing!

for more pictures from my visit to singapore last month,do visit my flickr:


Cik Ubi said...

x penah g spore..huk3

marmasri said...

saye pun ade peluang ke s'pore sbb ade keluarge kat sane..
insyaAllah,ade rezeki,bolehla ke sana!

MARDI MY said...

akk ku syg~~~

nnt kite pi trip ramai2 yek ngn qeeda n fiza

marmasri said...

hehehe..adikku syg~~~
heh~~x sgka awk lawat blog akak...:) thx tau!

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