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Friday, June 18, 2010

yes,i can!

Ten things I want to do for this very first posting in my new year :

1)Be happy. Promise myself not to be disappointed or sad of the past memories.

2)Be a good example and a good `teacher' to others. I'll guide and help my new friends in my O&G posting as best as I can!

3)Be an active learner.Ask others when I dunno and answer confidently when I knew the answer.

4)To be humble in any manner. That's the best way of living...live moderately but contributing to others at the same time.

5)Eat rice once a day.Reduce amount of rice intake & drink more plain water.

6)Regular exercise & healthy lifestyle...at least jogging/gym 3 times per week.

7)To cut down time spent on facebook/any social networks.

8)To cut down money spent on unuseful things. No more window shopping during weekend unless u really need it!Start saving money from now on for my future(to get marry) hehe...:)

9)To study constantly and efficiently.To polish up my knowledge and improve my study skills.Study for at least 4 hours per day.

10)To be a medical student with good personality who treat patients,doctors and everyone holistically.

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