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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let Me Be

I want to be free

For this time only

Let me choose my pathway

I dun want to follow ur way

This is my life.

That's it!



But,I'm Happy...:))


I'd be happier.

If you stop messing up my mind.

Stop calling.

Stop hoping.

Since you are the one who give no hope

to us.


I'm a woman

with fragile heart.

Please.Don't ever break my heart.

From now on.

Seems like there's no hope

to return to what we used to be

Seems like it tangled with so many things


Just let it go.

I want to be happy.

Coz I deserve and I have the right to be happy.

And I want u to be happy too.

What do you believe in?
What do you hope for?
What do you love?

my heart is empty.
leave me alone.


sapphire said...

hye mardhiah
lama x update..

lets be happy! :)

e said...

salam mar...

I'm not sure what's happening now,but mcm i can guess....kalau ada apa2 yg boleh dibantu...insyAllah..i may not be d best of friend to u,n i may not know everything.but i can assure u dat Allah wants u to feel happy,n Allah send u a lot of friend to share it with,n dats why u have everyone n me...:D eh eh...berpantun lak dia...

e said...

oh yea,its me,ur old rumate,zatel..hehe..nama x kuar lak

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