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Saturday, December 25, 2010


i couldn't sleep right now.
u know,i never feel so sad like this..
i just being scolded by someone.=(

i really need a strength..
i'm easily became sensitive
just bcoz of little things
eg ?
a small2 thing...
i want to be cared & be loved.
i'm grateful coz whenever i'm alone..
there's always families n frends around...

i'm in pain.
they r in pain.
how i wish i can relieve my pain & their pain
it's more painful when u know that
people u used to love & the person who really love u
now is hating u....
only Allah knew how's the feeling like

am I a good daughter?
have i ever hurt u before?
i hope i've been a good daughter to u....

i really need a painkiller
without causing further ulceration
i need a safe painkiller
i want them to be happy
n of course
i want to be happy

coz,u knew how's my face when I'm crying,rite?

I still remember the moment u persuade me
everytime after i've been scolded by u
bcoz of my bad attitude...
I need to be strong
I need to treat this pain
with all my strength
not to be too dependent on
any painkiller....

I need to move on....

i just want to be loved sincerely..

dad, i love u,miss u =)


iman said...


when i cry
when i'm hurt
when life seems too hard
when others feel so distant
when the love one feels so far away
when there are things i can't undo
when i think of the painful past
when i am emotionally unbalanced

where are you people?

i ask questions...
i wanted answers...


this tears...
is it not loud enough i ask?!
where are you?

and MasyaAllah...
even closest than your jugular veins

listen Ya Allah
i am crying
listen Ya Allah
someone is crying

and Allah listens
He is the Ultimate Listener

what about answers...?

is this not?

this what?

this silence....what are you hoping for dear faithful servant?

am I not close to you now than before?
is it not that when Allah is close that the faithful servant finds peace and the cure to its pain?


loneliness on earth with such intimacy with Allah
how can there be anything more beautiful...

than a PAIN cured by the ALMIGHTY

by: Zatel_BipolarRiteNow


La Tahzan my fren~~


marmasri said...

ya,that's the best painkiller.
to be close to Allah.

whenever I were to be faraway from u,
there's as if a magnet
pulling me back to You..

Whenever I'm in grief,
u send me someone to remind me..
Thanks Allah coz
u've sent Zatel Iman
she's such a wonderful reminder..

May Allah bless u,dear~

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