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Friday, December 10, 2010


Sometimes I wish I knew exactly what I wanted.
Sometimes I wish I knew myself more.
I spend so much time just trying to understand,
that in the end,
time is wasted and
still, I can't fully comprehend.
Decisions I've made that I don't fully regret,
yet still wonder what it would be like
If it were taken back.
I have faith
but sometimes I wonder,
is this our fate?
For I wonder where we are heading
our slow-moving frame
against the speeding
Sometimes I wish I could read your mind
that I could explore your deepest labyrinths
secrets carried over time
I know there is a lot
of you
I don't know.
Sometimes the silence kills me
like an old decaying tree,
groaning in the forest
still, but restless.
I wish you could read me
I know I still don't quite read you.
Like a scar on my skin
a line that tells a story
a beautiful mark,
I hope I am not blind
this time.
Sometimes I wish we could sail away
in a little sailboat shooting the stars
light years away away away..
I guess what I am trying to say
is I wish we could speak a thousand words
something more than just
what you see around you.
Can you see the horizon?
Reach there together,
as one.
Sometimes I wonder what life would be
without you
I know I'll miss you.

if only I knew which junction should I take
I won't wait here wasting up my time
the road I'm going to choose made all the difference


iman said...

what a catchy poem! :D


its a confusing life when we think too hard about it...but life is really dat simple...as a hamba Allah


iman said...
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