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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


dun cry because of me
stop blaming me
stop hurting me
it'll bring no solution at all

stop pushing me
stop calling me
just let me be
with my own world

there's no more hope for us
there's no more space for u in my heart
my heart's already broken into pieces
i had enough
with what u've done to me
u almost humiliate me

forget bout me
there's no use to keep hating
& hurting
there's no use to provoke me
coz it'll bring no effect to me
coz I only afraid of Allah.....

stop judging me
stop telling me what I should do
stop guessing of what I've done.
coz only Allah deserves to know all of them

Sorry for everything
You and I
are just not meant to be together
just accept this
as Allah's fate...

May Allah give strength to us
May Allah protects us
May Allah guides us to His way

Allah loves you more than what u expected

You shouldn't stop other people from being happy.
everyone deserves to be happy.
Find happines by getting closer to Allah.

I'm sorry.
I dun trust you anymore.

you dun always get what you want
but,you have to have faith & patience
Time will work it out...
always keep the faith..

1 comment:

sapphire said...

owh..teringat... -_-"

hope semuanya ok..
senyum2 sokmo :)

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