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Friday, January 28, 2011

the victim

why everything seems to be so unfair ?
being the victim of circumstances.
being punished in such "unacceptable" way..
no toleration..no sympathy..no even second chance!

why must the person be me?
even that's not totally my fault!
ONLY because I've irritated ONE person.
even my closest person 
not even affected or 
complained of any of my so-called inherited/genetically misbehaviour.

why are you kept throwing and chasing people away from you
just because you think you deserve to live peacefully
have you ever think bout us?
do you know that we have the right to live "normally" too?
laughing, chatting & discussing!
girls are very synonym with gossipping & buzzing anyway.

Why don't you be a little bit realistic?
Why don't you put yours in our shoes for a moment?
Why don't you understand our desires?
I know not all of our wantings are right or allowed by law.
But, we knew our limitations.
we are adult enough.
To differentiate the good and the bad deeds.

I totally disagree!
To live in such prisoner in a mute way.
Not even be able to make myself happy.
Felt like being observed 24/7...
Even worse than that.

I agree in some ways.
Rules are meant to be broken.
So that those authorities have job to punish the faultfinder
They can show their power
That only them can make decision
without consideration...

I don't afraid of this fake and temporary law!
I don't afraid of you,people!
who in some ways have turned my life
to be miserable and pathetic.

Good job.
Give an applause :)
Good bye to the hell building(sorry to say)
I'll leave even without your instruction. :)
I don't cry because of stupid things.
I won't allow those people ruining my life again.

Thank you Allah.
For this test.
You want me to be stronger.^__^
C'mon...cheer up! :)

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