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Friday, April 1, 2011

the journey of love.

being dumped.
or the other way round.
common things happen in a relationship between man & woman.


upon asking bout reasons..
of why he/she dumped/leaved you?
there's not necessarily be answers.
it's true that everything happened with reasons.
but, certain things can just happen without explanation.

once they declared their love.
love's oath will be made
that they will try to protect their relationship
that they will live together & gonna have a happy family in the end...
but..we are just the weak planner.
and He is the best planner.

In the middle of the love journey,
there will be full of love..happy =)
and sometimes lack of love....sad :(
some can withstand them
and some just can't....hence...
the relationship seems to be ended....
all the memories kept in the bubbles....
then, disappear like sea foam..

why some relationship can stay longer..
and why some ended unexpectedly..
and some just easily come & go?

single is simple.
double is trouble.
to me, both single & double are TERRIBLE.

sick of being the one who has been hurt?
don't you ever think the other parties who hurt you
has no feeling? they have & they might not have.

When one relationship ended..
One will stay single with full of scar left in the heart
hoping someone will come curing the injured heart.

One just can''t live alone.
hence looking for someone to lean their shoulder on.
hoping the new person will be the person who
didn't do the same mistakes like the previous one.

Letting the past goes
without any memories left.

Love is not everything..
But, it seems to be everything to some individual.
but,don't depend too much on love.
Keep praying that the person will love you sincerely.
And love the person wholeheartedly.
Tolerate & considerate between each other.
Keep praying..
That the person you meet now is the one for you...
your soul mate..

Who are we thinking we are..
To know that the person is the right one?
The question will keep playing in my mind till this current moment.
Still looking for the answer.

waiting for the right one to come into my life.


MARDI MY said...

keep praying...
Allah nak kasi sedikit rencah dalam hidup kita..manis masin masam pahit semua rasa. bila kita da pandai kenal rasa2 tu, baru la kita tahu erti hidup yang sebenar

star lover said...

thanks sweetie..
u r always sweet as you are.
why not adding some salt inside?

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