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Monday, May 16, 2011

the beginning

it's only the beginning
no rush
no force
no expectation

i just want to enjoy
every single moments
of being a new person
without depending too much on new hope
without expecting too much from others
i might just don't get it enough previously
now,i want to be as grateful as I can
that's the best thing :)

eliminating the bad deeds..
replacing with positive deeds..
to give my best to the world
to love each of my doings
to spread love & happiness to others :)
to change particular old & rigid mind set
which seems to suppress the positive way of thinking

and you..
you...and you...
start acting positively from now on~
cause it'll determine how you gonna be in the future
and how much the world need a person 
with dynamic thinker, open-minded, and survivor!
Prove to the world,you are the one!

Last but not least :

Happy Teacher's Day :)

Every person who teaches, instructs, inspires or leads others, is a teacher.

A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. A great teacher inspires

quoted from Prof Oteh Maskon.

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