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Friday, July 8, 2011

what would you do?

salam,hye everyone.
today is friday & i love friday :)

the day began as usual,went to morning ward round.
hoping for something new,something good,refreshing & praying that our patients in the ward are in their good condition...and be able to be discharged..hehe~

we joined our own team's ward round..
today is totally dramatic,terrific and horrible day for us.
a doctor named **** *a**a..suddenly asked us "did u know that last night our team had oncall?have u seen the patient?! (with her common high note)
with the fierce face, the dr waits for our answer..
we are shocked and speechless...
she suddenly became more angry when one of our group members(she) smiled and told the dr that she didn't know about the oncall.
the rest remained silent and just shaking our head...(with sad expression)

"see,u guys...abes tu,korang wat ape kat ward?!!
x tengok patient, x join oncall...
just follow morning ward round?!!!
dahla!! korang bole blaaaaaaaa~~~~"

she leaved us angrily.
we are astonished,surprised,thunderstrucked....
and all of us...stay silent for a while..looking at each other..
and we decided not to join the ward round for today..
since it will only aggravate her madness.
we leaved the ward with disappointment 
there's a bit guilty & we have no idea at all why we've been scolded like that(hahaha)

and our mood has totally ruined by the incident.
but,i tried to console my heart
not to take it seriously..
the dr might just want us to be more passion towards our patient
and she might be used with her style of raising her voice.


So,if u were to be scolded in such horrible way,what would you do? :)

i love motivation..it helps a lot in fixing my broken heart~

and that's the best thing to do :))

and never give up,k? :)

1 comment:

MARDI MY said...

ok speechless di situ~
patut la tak nmpk korg join wadround team tu..

apepun, weekends ni cari nafas baru.
bangkit dari shock tu :)

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