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Thursday, August 18, 2011

the nature of me

I always ask myself..
Am i patient & rational enough if I were to face the most critical, unwanted, irritating and terrible situation?
I always wish to be or to act cool when it comes to the above situations.
But,it seems to be impossible.
Cause I'm not and never.
I'm super emotional, dramatic and sarcastic type of person.
I dunno whether it's something to be proud of or to be regret of.
There might be pros and cons of becoming the type of expressive individual.

It crossed my mind to express this thoughts of mine
since I've faced so many circumstances which really challenge my level of patience....
especially this few days...within this hectic, emotional, exhausted week...

One of my friend advised me to be myself.
And not to force myself to turn into someone else who is totally not me.
It made me to think deeper about what he said.
It can be true...cause I am what I am...and if I want to change, starting from me,
and shouldn't be because of others...hurmph.
It can be false too...cause,we have to learn on how to accept
our own mistakes and to learn from it...and finally to change.

In a nutshell,
I dun really agree with the statement of " Just be yourself"
You cannot be yourself all the time.
You have to be flexible, adaptable, rational and positive in anything that u do.

Quote of the day,which really made my day :
The key to survival of any species is adaptability.

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MARDI MY said...

i changed my add. yey!

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