about me

Thursday, October 27, 2011

bear with me..


just listen to me
just try to feel what i feel
just comfort me
assume that i dun need anyone other than you
cause i just need you

don't ask me to look for the remedy
cause i won't
i might seem as a stubborn,childish woman
yes i am

throwing tantrums

don't ask me to be patient
cause i've been patient enough to be away from you
don't ask me to be independent
as if i can't stand on my own feet
don't expect me to know everything about my problem
as if i'm the fortuneteller
don't ask me to wait for you
as if i have much time to wait and I hate waiting
don't ask me to understand you
coz i don't even understand myself

i just need u
to bear with me
this is me
the complicated creature
i just need you to keep me cool when i'm complicated..

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