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Thursday, October 27, 2011

hey man!

hey man!
when she said "i hate you"..
it means she needs you badly

when she puts a :( icon while she's texting you,
it means she needs your attention
and please don't ask her why
cause she needs u to console her but not making fun of her!

when she said,"are you free today?"
please don't ask her why.
it means,she wants to meet you.
Don't ask her repeatedly where does she wants to go.
She just wish that you'd bring her somewhere peaceful..
in which she can spend her time with you.

when you are busy with something,
never tell her that you're busy
you are just making her to be mad at you even more.

Hey man!
She just wants you to fight for her.
And please don't ever tell her that she deserves someone better.
You never know the ending until you face the challenges together with her.
Please don't force her to love another person when you are the only person that she loves the most.

And please,
Let her know,if in anyway she made you feel trapped
or suppress your frreedom.
Let her know if you don't love her anymore.

Brokenhearted woman.

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