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Saturday, November 19, 2011

the questions..

Questions without answers.
And I'm on my way looking for the answers,which hopefully can lessen 
the heaviness & the burden in my heart.

How can I know whether I have put much effort in something I do?
Can I change and determine my fate?
Why is it always me who has been tested such way?
What is the most optimum duration to let myself sad,depressed and frustrated?
Should I listen to my instinct and my paranoid feeling?
How to smile when my heart truly tears apart & broken into pieces?
What is the best way to forget about all my past memories which I shouldn't recall anymore? 
How to console myself when I find that everything seems unfair to me?
How to cheer people around me up when I find difficult to cheer myself up? 
How to hide my worries and negative emotions when I'm used to them and already known as superemotional woman?

I can only pray to Allah.
Guide me,give me strength.
Don't let me go astray.
And only You can heal me and answer me.

Answer to a prayer :
1) Yes
2) Not yet
3) I've planned something better for you.

And Allah is the best planner :)

With love,
9.33pm (home is where my heart is)


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