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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Power of Patience

For the past few months, so many things happened and it taught me a lot
on how to handle my super emotion/super ego.
And, how lucky am I to be in Psychiatry posting now.
It's time to explore myself in depth and of course to change.

I just realized that I fulfilled most of the criteria in psychiatric disorders (except for hallucination,delusion..hehee)..It just that it did not exaggerate to the extent that impairs my functioning(socially,occupation and other areas)

And ya,the easiest way to remember and feel the stories of mental illness
is to experience them yourself..haha.
It was true since I was once diagnosed with anxiety disorder
(i'm not sure what type is it..not of my concern at that time(3 years ago)..
and it became as easy as ABC when u read about anxiety disorder
when u,yourself was diagnosed with it..
That's why, just by listening to the story of psychiatric patient,
u'll gain a lot of information from them! 

To me,the most challenging part in psychiatry is history taking.
To listen to the weird, high ambitious, disorganized stories..
n in the end to clarify and list possible diagnosis.

So,let's be patient and listen attentively to them.

And I practice this technique everytime I have conflict or argument with any of my companion.
It worked! It's true that we shouldn't complicate things.
Try our best to simplify them.

Good decision and answer always come from a calm and rational person.
Breath deeply everytime u feel so stressed and panic!

   The power of meditation

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