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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's not as simple as that

I feel like writing today.
Quite a while since I last updated my blog
Busy with exams,academic stuffs and relationship stuffs?hehe

Have you ever feel tired yet satisfied?
Or feel tired,exhausted and feel like you wanna forget everything and go to sleep?
Or feel everything went well,smoothly done and of course satisfied+proud of yourself! (sounds like everything's so easy as ABC!)
Or you feel good but never satisfy with what you have?
Or you're unsure of what u feel right now?(you're in big trouble!haha)

We seldom satisfy with what we gain because we always want something happened just align with or according to our expectation. And even worse, we always want MORE. I'm not saying that we can't have MORE.  Just to emphasize that the less you get,the more meaningful it will be and you'll surely appreciate the little gain. Simple example,sharing food. You can't expect to have it all cause it's not only you who are hungry and starving. You will finally have to share the food with others so that each one of you have your own portions. Another example would be, the more you share your knowledge with others,the more you understand about the topics. And as Muslim, you have your own role,as Khalifah to share your knowledge in any branch of knowledge to others,for the benefit of yourself,religion and ummah :) 

It's not just about what you gain,but how much you give and serve others. 

Being strong and redha with His fate really need inner strength.
The strength comes from yourself with His will.
You can't buy it,borrow it or steal it.
You have to look for it.
The more you fall and rise after the fall,the more meaningful your life would be.
And ultimately,the stronger you will be in the future.

Yes,being tested,it's not as simple as that to just accept the fate as it is.
However,it's not that difficult.
You have doa as your weapon.
And Allah always listen to your pray.
It just us,who sometimes doesn't really feel the presence of Allah and easily give up.

See,Allah never give up on you.
How can you easily give up on Him? :)


I'm gonna be with you,dear
Come rain or shine :)


Qi Wen said...

Everything will be all right soon, hopefully :)

ME said...

nothing is easy but it is going to be easy when you worked for it and leave the rest to Allah. love always :)

amiraqramazizi said...

jgn risau mar. u can do it. everything is going to be just fine. share sikit qoute ni

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
- Stephen Covey

goodluck tau

ctjuliana said...

chantek la mar punye blog!

ctjuliana said...

chantek la mar punye blog!

kubam said...

keep carry on sister...

mar masri said...

thanks everyone :)

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