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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I need You

The loneliness
The emptiness inside
The feeling of wanting everyone to understand me
The need to have someone I love by my side
The challenges that seems to keep pouring down
In the end,it will never end
until I find my way

why am I still here when everyone seems to progress?
why should I remain the same when people believe that you can be better?
why still I keep arguing things that has already been approved and well explained?
why I'm acting as if I am still lacking of something when I had more than enough?

Things seem to be intermittently all right
Fluctuation of emotional phases
Euphoric,manic and depressed most of the time
The only tranquility I had is when with Him

Ya Allah,keep me close to You :(
I really need You right now.

"Ya Allah,permudahkanlah jodohku.Kurniakan aku jodoh yang baik.
Kurniakan aku seorang suami yang dapat membimbingku,agar kami dapat 
menyemai cinta kami dalam keberkatanMu"


amiraqramazizi said...

mar jarang tulis dah skang.pe kaba? are u alrite?

mar masri said...

yup..i'll write when i feel like one. alhamdulillah,i'm doing good.

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