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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sigh of relief :)

Special Study Module has almost come to the end. Indeed, I’ve learnt a lot throughout this posting. I admit that the initial part of this posting was really stressful and challenging. The requirements to come up with the proper proposal and submission to ethics committee are the most challenging part ever. All of us need to read up on many established and scholarly cited journals of different diseases. However, it was very interesting to be able to learn about different diseases and their updates. In between, we need to do repeated corrections prior to the submission of the proposals to our supervisor and to Ethics Committee. 

Another challenging part was waiting for confirmation and approval from Ethics Committee. It really tested my patience level since there are couple of times when the committee forgot about our proposal and almost ‘neglect’ our proposal causing a bit delay in the approval process. However, we managed to have our proposal approved after explaining to them that we need the approved proposal as soon as possible. Despite of all the technical problems and all the challenges, we managed to overcome them efficiently with the guidance and assistance from my supportive group members and supervisor.

When I started with data collection and data analysis, I realized it’s getting more interesting as I enjoyed them and became more understand about my study. All of us collected our data by extracting them from cHETs and ILMS. We didn’t have many problems with the collection of data and analysis of data except for some limitation from the data that we have. For instance, there were some of them with incomplete data and unknown status. After all, we managed to arrange and organize our data properly and thoroughly. During this period, I noticed that some of my group members were so enthusiastic and passionate in making sure that our works done on time while there were also some of them who just simply take it easy and neglect his/her task. This part was really terrible and troublesome when you have to do your friend’s part instead. It was really irritating to know that some of them just have so many excuses upon asking them to finish their parts. However, we finally managed to finish our works on time despite of all the troubles.

Currently, we are almost done with our tasks. We have finally completed our data analysis and abstract writing. Besides, we have also prepared our manuscript and still need to add some information in the discussion part. It feels so good and such a huge relief knowing that SSM will come to the end sooner. After all the ups and downs throughout the posting, all of us finally can smile a bit and pray that everything’s going to be alright during the big day of presentation later.InsyaAllah :)

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