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Thursday, November 15, 2012

here we go again

hello Mr Messed-up mind :)
welcome to my life.
and it came just at the 'right' moment.
the moment that I feared the most
the phase that I tried my best to avoid but I just can't.

hello Mr Misunderstanding :)
you are just adding up the flavor of my already-messed-up mind
it started with common argument
and now it almost done?
as simple as that?

hello Mr Paranoidism :)
you always there
never failed to make us confused while in the state of alertness
brought us into our own state of being insecure towards each other
he said she deserve someone better cause he failed to make her happy
she said he is too busy with his life and he didn't have time for her
he said she never happy with him,
she said he always forget her when he's too busy or focusing into something

hello Mr Expectation :)
he expected her to cool down and give him time on his own
she expected him to answer her message and to stay with her

Nice to meet you guys Mr messed-up mind, Mr Misunderstanding, Mr Paranoidism and Mr Expectation..
you taught me a lot
and you have done a good job
without you,i might never know how tough life can be
and how strong I can be to live my life
without you guys, I might not be able to stand up after had my heart broken.
we are just meant to be friends
you will never own my heart
cause the longer I allow you to be part of me,
the more pain it will cause
the more damage it will be
the more disastrous it can be

I wish I will be happy again to live my life
without you guys

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